Personal Narrative: My Collaborative Leadership Skills

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In the three textbooks that I read, this past week, I have taken a few main points from them and applied them to my life. In the first book “Emotionally Intelligent Leadership”, I learned that every setting and situation affects leaders and how they lead their followers. I linked this concept to my life because I act different around my coworker’s verses how I would act around my teammates and opponents when I play sports. The people in each of those groups also affect how I would act as a leader in certain situations. I tend to be more serious when I am working with my coworkers, but when I play sports I tend to be surrounded by my friends which would lead me to act the complete opposite. The next book I read this week “The Lost Art of Listening”, addressed how everyone should to be listened to and understood. It states that being listened to and understood can lead to the most successful relationships. I linked this concept to my life because I…show more content…
This text discussed the important skills that every successful collaborative leader should have. The first skill collaborative leaders should have is the ability to understand what needs to be changed before changing it. In my high school we had many students who came from low income families and were unable to purchase their own clothing, I wanted to change this. Another skill is to be able to obtain followers who share your same beliefs and values. It took some work, but I was able to get some of my fellow classmates to come together and help me create this club. Through this club we created “the school closet”, in which our school could donate unwanted clothing for the students who couldn’t afford their own clothing. We not only formed a club but we also formed relationships, and we were able to create a committee to keep the club going. From the text forming trust and committees are other skills that collaborative leaders should
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