Personal Narrative: My College Entry Essay

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At the CIA, “Food Is Life” means that food is a major ingredient in your life. To others food might mean good taste, but to me food means so much more. Food is what I see, obviously eat, but most importantly, it’s what I think about all day. Food means everything to me and that is why I wish to enroll into the CIA because I know that I will find my success there. Ever since I got into looking at culinary battles such as Iron Chef, Chopped, and Hell’s Kitchen, it’s given me inspiration to become a professional chef. I’ve always watched my mother cook and to me the best cooking starts at home, so I would ask questions and find my way into the kitchen. My dream is to open a sublime path of all types of cuisines and make that represent me, I want professionals to be lost for words when tasting and have a better word than “Delicious” when judging. Food means that my palate will always be accurate, food also means that my garnishes will stand next to greatest chefs of all time from presentation and level of skill. Lastly food means so much that I will never turn my back on it. One challenge that I am currently facing right now is income.…show more content…
The reason for that is because I don’t really get nervous and I’m also open to the crowd. In the Food place that I currently work in called Roast Kitchen, Sometimes the mangers are not feeling well and so I am asked with trust, to handle to the store. Of course I don’t manage the store on my own I have a team with me that also handles customers with great respect. I believe that I have all of the qualities of being a great leader but I also agree in the fact that I can improve to a higher level of leadership. A great leader Respects, Listens, and communicates well with everyone. In my opinion those qualities is what makes a person a great leader, of course there are more words to describe a leader but those are the most important
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