Personal Narrative: My College Goals

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College is all about trying to new things, one of the goals I set out for myself in August was to get myself out there. I joined several organizations my freshman year such as UTA Volunteers, The African Student Organization, and The Muslim Student Association. This year I also became a volunteer at the Texas Health Memorial Hospital in Arlington, an overall great experience and exposure to a hospital setting. I was able to participate in numerous diverse UTA events because of these organizations and met so many amazing people who have become close friends. Some of my favorite events were Oozeball and bed races, which in both events UTA Volunteers competed in the finals. Another highlight was walking in the ASO and MSA fashion show and getting the chance to…show more content…
Even though it is a right of passage for college students to live off ramen, It’s beneficial to steer away to avoid the “freshman fifteen”. I took advantage of The University of Texas at Arlington amazing fitness center, and balanced a nutritional diet. I am pleased to say my hard work paid off, and I lost ten pounds this year. Setting goals is very imperative, it gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. This summer I will be working and taking Accounting I at Tarrant Community College. I hope to travel the second part of summer to either Africa or Canada to visit family. Sophomore year I want to broaden my horizons and create stronger bonds than this year. I want to gain relevant work experience; landing an internship for a corporation or a hospital would be amazing. The second goal I want to set for the upcoming school year is to get closer with my Terry family, especially the new baby Terry’s. I am blessed to have several other Terry’s who are in the same position as me to lean on, so I want to make sure the freshman feel the same. The last goal I want to set for my sophomore year is to make sure I stay close with my family and old
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