Personal Narrative: My Compassanthaca College Football

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I could no longer afford to pay my cell phone bill because I had ran out of funds. Unfortunately, my phone had been turned off, After one month, I knew my family started to worry about me so I called one of my aunt to let her know I was fine. She said she was very worried and she even called campus safety and they told her to email me. Then, she offered to pay my phone bill so that my line could be turn on, I told her not to bothered because my phone is broken. I did not want to talk to anybody about what I was going through, I was miserable, I hated myself. At the end of of the semester, I knew I was going to be suspended because I knew how I performed. I wanted to run away, I did not want to return to my home. I experienced a major depression…show more content…
Unfortunately, my current Ithaca College transcript is quite different and I am not proud of the grades but they surely motivates me to give my all when I am provided with another opportunity. This suspension has affected me deeply it made realize that soccer, family and school is the most important to me. I am very passionate about soccer, it excites me. I plan to tryout for the team and hopefully become a member of the team, it will keep me busy and motivate me to do well on the field and in the classroom. Since I have been home for almost a year now I have become closer with my family especially my father, he has now become a big asset for me. He has agree to always support me with whatever I need. I can always count on him. Finally, I plan to seek for help using campus resources such as CAPS if I was to go through a major depression or a state of loneliness ever

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