Personal Narrative: My Contribution To The FNLM Program

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My Contribution to the FNLM Program I’ve always grown up in an environment where drugs and alcohol were always a huge no, but I never thought that I’d be teaching my family values to other kids. I’m aware of some people’s situations due to their unfortunate uses of drugs and I’m grateful that I got to give insight to others and hopefully change their lives for the better. In the beginning I was scared to teach the proteges because I thought that I was not going to be a good teacher. Later in the mentoring program I realized talking in front of a crowd is not all that bad. Before entering this program, my vision of middle schoolers was different. I’ve always thought that the middle schoolers now aren’t the same as the one I was back when I was in middle school. The way kids their age are portrayed aren’t who they truly are. Each kid I mentored had a story to tell and their own unique personal…show more content…
It's an absolute pleasure to know that the people I helped were able to inspire me. I can't wait until I'm able to get that feeling of inspiration next year. For awhile I felt that I would never make it through high school because I could not get over the fear of talking in front of people. The 8th graders were more outgoing than I was when I first joined. They had no trouble coming up to me and asking for my name. That made me realize if they can do it, so can I.
My contribution to the FNLM Program was exciting and challenging but overall it was a great program to be in. Meeting new people and mentoring 8th graders so they can have a stress free and peer pressure free life while in high school and out of high school was amazing. It was a time for me to learn,to feel comfortable around people and talk freely. Every Thursday I’m always forgetting that I don’t have mentoring and then when I realize it I just so anxious to do it next
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