Personal Narrative: My Corrupt

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I used a fun font because I am getting really sick of size 12, Times New Roman font. I put “Kanye West” as a response to this on my USC application last year; I’m not going to do that here. First word: animated. I often describe myself as an eight year old because I often display childlike excitement and verve for life. I talk with my hands and I run around to tell stories; I love storytelling and entertaining people; I talk a million miles per hour in at least 14 different pitches because I’m just exploding in “talking excitement”; I end up swallowing my entire tongue because it cannot handle the pace at which my mouth would like to move. Recently, my friend Shayne informed me I “freak people out” in AP Literature because of how fast and excitedly I talk, but I like being excited and funny and probably a little prone to hyperbole. “Animated”…show more content…
I’m a theatre nerd. I run Urban Lemmings - which I’ve been a part of for three years - I participate in the fall plays and musicals, I’m on the board of the International Thespian Society and recently, I tore apart the bookcase in Mrs. Vail’s classroom and spent two-and-a-half hours reorganizing it because it was a mess. I love theatre. Vail has to stop my friend Jackie and I from answering questions about plays because we actually know things about shows and want to share our passion with our peers. Outside of that, this year, I’m the President of the French Club at Hamilton. I want to explore the world and I appreciate French language and culture. Similar to Urban Lemmings, this year I want to do something more with the club this year than just eat baguettes. As for awards, I’ve won a couple National Youth Theatre awards, been nominated for a few more. This summer, I went to Washington DC and let body become 95% sweat to compete in the National History Competition. We “lost,” but our whole project rhymed and I had a cat tail -- we did Dr. Seuss -- so who really
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