Personal Narrative: My Cultural Background And Identity

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To begin with, I have a diverse cultural background and identity. I was not born in the United States. My family immigrated from El Salvador when I was four years old. Because of this, I am a minority in many aspects; I am a first generation college student, English is my second language, and I identify as a Salvadoran. In addition, my diversity increased due to the fact that I grew up being "the new kid," because I moved schools at least nine times from kindergarten to high school. Because I stand out so much, I have grown an appreciation for diversity, and realized how vital diversity is for the growth and enrichment of a community.

My love for diversity and internationalism manifests itself within my own household. Unlike my eldest sister, myself, and my mother (who were born in El Salvador), my younger siblings were born and raised here in the United States, and are deeply rooted in American culture. In addition, my stepfather is Iranian and speaks Persian, and his beliefs and culture have also influenced the inner workings of my family. In sum, my unique cultural identity crosses Salvadoran, American, and Persian perspectives, which I believe enriches Hillsboro’s cultural community as well as my take on how multiplicity can bring people together. I am inspired to unite people of different backgrounds everyday
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I believe I will learn a lot and will have the ability to promote diversity on a global scale. Diversity has changed my life immensely, and I am excited to see my love for global citizenship and internationalism will fuel my motivation to achieve my educational and career goals of working to unite people from around the

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