Personal Narrative: My Culture In The Emergency Room

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When I think about different cultures, their beliefs in health care my culture and emergency room (er) visits come to mind. This past week I had two er visits with close family members. My granddaughter’s visit which was an ordeal with needles waiting, and the fear of the unknown and what is to come. Then the next day my mother fell her face a bloody mess. Same thing needles testing, and waiting. The screaming in surround sound the conversations, some good news some devastating for other families. At that time, many thoughts were racing through everyone’s head, my thought was this is crazy these people have no privacy, if I can hear their business I am sure they can hear mine.
As I entered the er the first day with my granddaughter, I thought
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He had called 911 and was waiting for them to arrive. Déjà vu, another trip to the er, different area I hoped it will go smoothly. When I arrived to the er, and noticed my mother in the hallway on a stretcher I was not happy. Furthermore she was visibly upset as the blood was trickling down her face. I wiped the blood off her brow, and asked what happen as if I did not know. They put her in a little holding area as the removed only her top to complete an ekg. After about an hour off to another hallway this time it was worse, we can see the rooms but her symptoms did not warrant a room. The doctor, asked personal questions in the hallway, and examined her. Stretchers were lined up, like cars in the parking lot. I can hear screaming patients and family members from where I was standing. This went on for hours, as I turned my head, they had another patient’s in a nearby stretcher leg in the air. This was another six-hour day of horror for my daughter and I to bear witness to.
In many cultures, it is shameful and unethical to be exposed in public. There are certain things you do not talk about in front of others. This experience did open my eyes wider to the need to make other people aware of hyppa. As a health care worker and an educator, we should correct our coworkers when it comes to patient’s privacy. When it comes to educating, it is both staff and the patient can a
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