Personal Narrative: My Dad Is My Michigan Hero

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My Dad Is My Michigan hero. My dad is my Michigan hero in more ways than one. He works the day shift at Home Depot, but if anyone is sick and he's the only person not working then, he will stay at work until there shift is done. He goes to every kids build, always helps the kids, and he never gets mad. At the last kids build he was helping a kid, while I helped another, when the whole table shook. One of the kids that was building had hammered the nail into the table and then screwed the board to the table too! My dad got up like this happened normally, and he went to the kid and helped him take the nail and screw out of the table. He acted like this happened every day! I…show more content…
His dad got jobs in different states, so they would pack up and move to another state. When I was thirteen, we had saved for over three years. We went to all the states he had lived in and visited our family in Maine. My dad is a Maine boy at heart. He remembers Andre the seal and the last time the whales came in to the bay of the town. He lived were the mountains touched the sky and the sea touched the horizon. He lived in Boston, Rock port, sugar hill, and New York, he loved the city life, and the country life. When he lived in Maine, his house was right next to a antique covered bridge, over a major river. There was a hole in the bottom of the bridge, and he would climb down onto the cement support and fish for trout. He lived in some of the most amazing places ever! But he moved to flat old Michigan, and he stayed here! I understand why. Maine and all the other states may have mountains and tall trees, but none of them are as beautiful as Michigan. My dad is my Michigan hero because he never loses his patience, he always listens, and he takes time for us. My dad always helps us when we need it. If we break something he looks up how to fix it, and helps us fix it too. If something bad happens he will help us get over it. That is why my father is, and always will be, my Michigan
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