Personal Narrative: My Debt

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My Debt

I have paid my education through financial aid from Federal institutions, I do not earn enough to pay for my college up front. I have worked at various jobs while attending school to pay for my living expensive but none of that money has been applied to my debt thus far. Also, due to the high cost of living I am unable to make any payments on my loans currently. I’ve tried to make well with what I have for the foreseeable future which is bellow the poverty line. I am certain that hard work and learning, mastering my craft will enable me to pay back my debts on graduation and after I have started my career. Now January, 13th 2016 my debt amount I have accumulated is $66,124.06 and I do expect it to rise since I have the eight credit classes left to take at Portland State
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I hope to begin making payments on those loans which I fully intend to pay back once I have completed my studies and reach a stable income. I think my academic records show that I 'm committed to my studies until my time at Portland State University is complete. The art and design I create is part of me, if I were to back out now everything I achieved up to this point would be moving in the wrong direction. The truth is getting here has been a long struggle and there has been many ups and downs along the way. I promise to keep fighting until the end because I know in my heart this is what I want to do with my life. Although it has been really tough I am still here fighting the good fight and planning my next move to accomplishing my goals, I want this scholarship so those goals will be achieved I want Portland State University to feel proud of me and not just some other student that drops out and is forgotten. I want to become somebody, I am asking for this Scholarship to easy my fears so I may prove my worth and get down to business which is design and art. My efforts have never wavered I will continue to inspire other students who think about the future and where
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