Personal Narrative: My Decision To Quit Band

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EOI ESSAY This is the story of how I overcame the challenge of deciding to quit band. I was in band from sixth grade until this year. I enjoyed it but then all of that enjoyment slowly started to go away and disappear from me. It was the fifth day of tenth grade. It was nearing the cut off date for schedule changes and I was thinking about quitting band because it wasn’t fun anymore and it was a parasite that was leeching on my free time. I decided to head down to my counselor 's office to drop band. After my visit it was official, I quit band. I didn’t feel different but within the next few days I felt like I had all of this free time on Friday nights because I didn’t have to play at the football games anymore. On the the day I dropped band I still had to go to band class; while there I was silently telling myself that this was my last day in band.…show more content…
It will only get worse than it already
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