Personal Narrative: My Defining Moment

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My Defining Moment
From the moment I was two years old my life changed, and I had that one expectation, the one how my mother would call it gift given from God, but in my eyes it is a misfortune. It all began with my aunt, Dolores moving to Switzerland, she got the one amazing opportunity to babysit a rich woman 's children in Switzerland. During that time she was still living in the Dominican Republic and it is a mystery to me how she got that job. Anyways it defined my life, would she not have had that opportunity I would have never existed. The gift from god would never have been my responsibility, which my mother loves to control, if she could, but she knows she is not the only obsequious one in the family. When my mother got 19 my aunt broad her to Switzerland it was a lot of work and my mother suffered. She had the expectation of being a good and perfect girl, so that Dolores would not get mad and leave her without a roof over her head. My mother turned 20 and she found that one man, the one she believed she will spend a lifetime with, my
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I started school and by no surprise I was the worst, and the dullest in my class. Still now when I see one of my old classmates in of elementary or middle school I hide so that I don’t have to see their expression. I was such a horrible student that even my beloved grandmother said the I’m never going to go to college. It even got so far that even me, myself was fearing my future. That could be the reason why I never appreciated my birthday. It is always terrible to face the fact of getting the horrible gift from god and then live up to the expectancy everyone has for me to fall and be no more than a housewife, if I’m ever going to get married. The only ones that hoped in me where my sister and manly my mother. I think she compared herself with me and she know that I will not end up to be a shame to the KIingler family, even though it looks like it now. I hated the fact of been seen as useless, and I Mother
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