Personal Narrative: My Dinner Party

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My dinner party is a picnic on a deserted beach in California. As I was setting up the picnic, I saw a lamp in the sand, I rubbed it, and Robin Williams appeared, as my first guest. I asked him if he could still grant wishes, and in Mrs. Doubtfire 's voice he said, “No deary, but I can teach you how to make Flubber”! He taught me how to make Flubber, and it bounced along the beach. As we chased it, he told me about his adventures while he was stuck in Jumanji. When we walked back to the picnic, we saw some guy eating a sandwich on the blanket. He said, “Hello, I’m Walt Disney. I was just taking a walk away from Disneyland when I saw you setting up your picnic. I know I’m early, but I am hungry.” Then I screamed at the top of my lungs, ran over to the blanket, and all hailed him. I thanked him for his genius ideas and making my childhood so great for about 20 minutes. I asked, “Do you have any other movie ideas? If you do, you can tell them to me and I will tell them to the Disney Company, then I’ll become rich and famous.” I said that last part under my breath, though. Then a lightbulb appeared over my head. I asked him if he had any great grandkid boys that were single, so I could become Mrs. Disney. He was just about to answer when I noticed the ocean was splitting in half. I ran over ot it, where a path had been made, and saw Jesus. He was walking through the path until he was right next to me. I was so shocked and I said, “Somebody punch me”. I was

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