Personal Narrative: My Disappearance Over The Air

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As I stand here before you, you know my name. You 've heard of my disappearance over the ocean. You 've known me to be a pioneer for women, as I conquered the world of aviation for everyone to watch. As I flew through the sky my platform soared and I devoted my time to helping women accomplish their goals without being underestimated like I had before. I had little interest in aviation most of my life, but my tomboyish nature started as a girl. I had always took interest in successful woman, having a scrapbook of them moving their way up in male oriented fields when I was little. It wasn’t until I attended a stunt-flying exhibition with my friend I took interest. The pilot had said, "Watch me make them scamper," about us and I had stayed…show more content…
I took my first flying lesson on January 3rd, 1921. My first plane was bought sixth months later and I gave it the name of “The Canary” because of its yellowish color. The Canary flew to great heights with me, setting my first record by rising to an altitude of 14,000 feet. I was going to take the aviation world head-on and I would not let any man, or women, stop me. It was 1929 when I attended a race that helped me inspire and build ground for female fliers. The "Powder Puff Derby" was an air race that included 19 women. The race was “a chance to play the game as men play it, by rules established for participants as flyers, not as women." Over time I grew fond of the women in this race, and wanted to find a way for gil pilots to be able to stick together. We began an organization called the Ninety Nines, which is still open today. Vogue, a popular magazine dedicated to fashion updates and culture reviews, advertised what was considered masculine clothing at the time. The flying suit had been my first creation and got a two-page photo spread branded "for the woman who lives actively.” I advertised nontraditional feminine clothing hoping to open the mind of people who did not see a woman 's success as attractive, or

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