Personal Narrative: My Dom-Sub Relationship

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What I find fulfilling about being submissive is knowing that my Dom is happy and it makes me happy knowing that my Dom is being loved and taken care of. It’s a win – win. Being submissive is nothing to avoid conflicts with my partner/Dom, it is more about being cooperative and understanding. I believe balance is key in everything in life. If there isn’t balance, then it is doom to fail. If you love someone, you will do what’s best for the relationship; however being submissive out of fear is not submitting with joy and desire in a relationship. I learned that a Dom/Sub relationship is built on trust, which is a fundamental foundation.

I am not quite sure when I first knew I was submissive. As I am starting to recall, in the beginning of my current relationship I wasn’t quite sure what was expected. (1st relationship ever) All I knew and wanted was to be with someone that was loyal, make me happy and loved me for who I am. As the years passed by, my partner had to go overseas for a very long. During that time, I learned that trust, communication, and passion were the key to a long distance relationship (Even though we both knew that there was this small chance our relationship wasn’t going to work out). The long distance relationship that I had just a few years back was challenging. Being committed to a relationship with someone that I couldn’t physically reach out and touch was daunting, frustrating, and above all dismal. We had to
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Like I previously state, being submissive is nothing like to avoid conflicts or not having a backbone towards situations. I think it simply means that it can bring more passion, strength and life to a relationship if it’s received by a partner/Dom with love and respect. I am glad that I was able to understand submissive behavior that can be easily judged but I believe that we have to sometimes have learn to control our ego and not get the best of
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