Personal Narrative: My Dream Of Immigration

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While every other thirteen year old my age had new shoes; I had to take care of mine since mid summer up until late winter. I remember I was a forthcoming freshman when I underwent an unfortunate immigration odyssey. I was not too young yet not too old to cope with the situation--however, social pressures did creep up on my shoulders. This unfortunate event did not only reflect itself on my footwear--it also shattered the pink colored glasses I saw life through. The day my stepfather left impulsively to the impoverished ranch in Durango, Mexico that he grew up in, the odyssey formed. Although, he left to say his last goodbye to his wilting mother, my family and I were jealous of his departure. Our attachment was too strong, that the moment…show more content…
Therefore, I know for a fact that I can boast, that I will achieve and surpass my objective and will not be chained to the notion or fear of my immigrant status. My ambition to continue and pursue education could have not been possible if it were not for Early College Academy and it’s staff that’s mission is to provide a push to those who seek to go to college and someday become someone in life. Before my arrival, I talked about my future like I didn't care and how my dreams could take me anywhere. I failed to pursue my dreams and I lied to myself with the promise that I’d do it but I never got around to it. I was given the choice of one of two paths, one that was amusing and the other serious. I took the amusing, after all I had recently overcame at the time the absence of my stepdad however, I was soon caught up by a wakeup call. The wakeup call was what I had in store for my future and how I was managing my education and how I lost a grip of my vow. As a light of hope, I came to reconsider my choosing of one of two paths once again and I chose Early College Academy and now I am on the path to
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