Personal Narrative: My Driver's Ability To Drive

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The ability to drive myself around in a car with no parents hovering over me in the passenger seat is what I consider to be freedom. I have the ability to decide where and when I want to go out, without having to worry about who is picking me up or dropping me off. This is because I have my driver’s license. Before I elevated to this stage of freedom, I experience failure upon receiving my driver’s license. I remember the day, like it was yesterday. It was the day before my driver’s test. I was thrilled but yet so nervous, that in a couple of hours I would be driving on my own. Little did I know what I was heading for. I practice frequently with my mom’s car, especially on my parallel parking. Of course I told all my friends and family that I was about to become a new driver. The day finally came. A day filled with excitement, but also a knotted stomach. All day I was thinking about all the possible mistakes I could make, touching the cones, going over the curb and not using the turning signals. With all these thoughts spinning around in my head I started to feel overwhelmed by the idea of taking the test.…show more content…
I was embarrassed to tell my mom and dad about my failure. They tried to uplift me and say I will get it next time but all I wanted to do was hide from my mistake. Then I had a turning point, I stopped being bitter about the situation and owned up to my failure. I finally accepted my failure. I was comfortable with telling people that I failed my driver’s test. Not only did I accept my failure but I pushed myself harder and practice with my sister’s car. A month later, I went back and took my test over and passed it. It was at that moment where I jumped for joy.
The lessons we learned from failure can be fundamental to later success and this incident is a prime example on how I turned my failure into a life lesson. Everyone experience failure, but the way we handle it is what makes us
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