Narrative Essay On Hockey

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On the ride up to Lake Placid, my bones turn stiff and start to hurt from sitting in the car for so long. It kind of feels like something is squeezing your bone. Every once in a long while we will stop for gas or to use the bathroom. As we drive we saw many mountains and very few shops or stores. The higher up we got in the mountains the more my ears would pop from such a high air pressure. When we soon arrive we see many tourists and shops from the small village. We end up driving for about five more minutes and we arrive. The smell of musty wood seeks through the air in the old, warn, hotel. It was roughly about 8:30 at night when we arrived so off to bed it was. When I woke up, I was getting ready for my first game of the tournament. As I got to the rink put my gear on and tape my stick I think about all of the things that I must do in order to win the game. After a sad loss we then…show more content…
My dad and I have been wanting to go to the hockey store down the street so we did. On the way out of the hockey store i saw a sign that said twenty five percent off anything in store, so me and my dad went back in and i got myself new shoulder pads. Later that day me and a few friend started to head to the rink for the game. We got there very early because we also wanted to see a game before us with kids that we were playing the next day. After that game we lost by one point with about one minute left in the game so I was not to happy about that but at least we tried. When we got back to the hotel we sat around for a little bit and just played a bunch of games. Later that night at nine o’clock I headed off to the rink for a skills competition with me and one other kid from my team. I was doing the fastest skater competition and he was doing the shootout. I lost the speed competition and came in 4th out of 8 skaters. I was so tired after that long, exhausted day of hockey and more
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