Personal Narrative: My Dysfunctional Relationship

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My number one greatest accomplishment was raising my four daughters on my own. (Opinion) Each of my daughters have graduated high school and have full-time employment. (Fact) Raising children as a single parent is a difficult task (belief) however, I kept each daughter focused on school and social activities enough so that they didn’t get into any legal trouble or become a teenage mother. (Fact) The next success in my life is returning to school after having been away for about 20 years. (Opinion) I earned my Associates degree in two and half years while working full-time and attending evening classes. (Fact) It was very hard in the beginning adjusting to work and school which consumed a get deal of my time, but the light at the end of the tunnel was always my drive to keep on learning. (Fact) A personal life failure is not an easy subject for me, I will keep this brief and to the point, failing in having a serious relationship is my biggest failure (especially with the father of my children). (Opinion) My first relationship was what I would describe as two young adults that became parents and where dysfunctional in all aspects within the relationship. (Opinion) I will say that I continued the pattern of getting into dysfunctional relationships a couple times after my first failed relationship.…show more content…
(Fact) I got to a point in my life where I could no longer physically continue working as a CNA. (Fact) I needed a job that would allow me to work mother hours, allow me to learn hands on and to be less physically demanding. (Fact) With my limited skills and education my first position I started with was in the call center, entry level position and within two years I obtained a position within the Corporate Offices making more than I did as a CNA, greater benefits and the opportunity to go back to school to further my education,
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