Personal Narrative: My Education In America

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At the age of 7, I remember calling my parents in America through a crackling phone reception. I was born in America, but I spent the first 9 years of my life, living in India with my grandparents. It was a typical experience for most kids, but I believe growing up as a women in India and America has positively shaped the person I am today. My experience of growing up in both worlds has given me experience in facing adversity, opening up to new cultures and a passion to pursue my education. My first day of school in America was confusing, because in India we stayed in the same class all day but in America students changed classes. Staring blankly at my schedule, I looked for the west wing of school surrounded by different styles and attitudes.…show more content…
We talked about how women are treated in our cultures and how educating ourselves will make us empowered. Growing up in India, I watched as girls would get married as young as 18, such as my mom, giving up their education to take care of the household. This was an important moment for me because sharing my experience as an Indian women at this event opened my mind to the experiences of women from other nationalities. Reflecting, I was humbled by the celebration of cultures and the opportunity I was given to become educated in America. I look to continue opening up to new experiences in college to further my own growth as well as my education.
Growing up in India and America has given me the privilege of experiencing two worlds and learning from them. My journey has taught me the importance of being educated and I wish to pursue my education at your prestigious university. I believe, successfully navigating two worlds has given me the skill to be successful in college. As my grandfather always says, Sikhia ate sakhata mihanata saphalata di kuji hana, translated to “education and hardwork are the keys to
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