Personal Narrative: My Education In High School

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Throughout my educational career I have been exposed to many different educational institutions. Since I did not grow up on an Indian Reservation I did not learn under the same circumstances or manner as Alexie so saying reading saved my life would seem to be an exaggeration. My family was uninvolved in most aspects of my schooling but I was motivated to achieve on my own. I became increasingly interested in books and would stay up into the early morning because I was so invested in what I was reading. Eventually a teacher recognized my ability for higher level thinking and recommended a magnet school. Here I was exposed to many books that encouraged rhetorical analysis with writing prompts. Because of the advanced curriculum of the magnet school I was put into advanced placement courses in High-school.…show more content…
The love I had for books shaped my love for school and knowledge and encouraged me to set the bar higher for myself. Reading allows you to think critically and analytically and even has the power to save lives. Becoming interested in books put me on the right track to achieve and receive a good education, if it weren’t for books I would have attended one of the less academically inclined middle schools and I would have not been as prepared as I was for High-school. Continuing that trend I may not have been so inclined to attend College, especially as a first generation College student coming from a low-income home. Reading and writing empowers people in similar standings as I, and especially those whose learning has been repressed like
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