Personal Narrative: My Expectations For The Augustana Fall Choir Concert

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My expectations for the Augustana Fall Choir Concert were not very high. I was assuming I wouldn’t enjoy myself very much at all, because when I was in seventh grade I was forced to take choir and absolutely loathed every second of it. However, I decided to give choir another chance. This was going to be the first collegiate choir concert I have ever attended. I thought this experience with choir was going to be somewhat better than my experience in seventh grade, because I had matured quite a lot since the last time I had given choir a chance. Therefore, I thought I would mentally approach the choir concert in a more positive way than I would have in the past. Additionally, I was hoping I would be able to keep my focus for the entire duration of the concert. So, I did not seem disrespectful. Unfortunately, my experience did live up to my expectations. Even though I approached the concert with a positive attitude, I still didn’t enjoy myself. Therefore, I found my focus fading further and further away from the concert. I was constantly wondering when the concert would finally end. However, the audience seemed to feel quite differently about the concert. Some of the other audience members told me they thought the choir students had…show more content…
The choir students are just like anyone else who is skilled at a hobby/activity. The choir students had to practice a lot to perfect their singing, which means they had to work just as hard as anybody else who has learned a skill. Being a student-athlete at Augustana, I would know what working hard to get better at something is all about. Therefore, I respect anybody who has had to work hard to become skilled at their hobby/activity. Additionally, I don’t look down on people who choose to participate in choir, because the fact that I don’t like choir doesn’t give me the right to think any less of others who do enjoy

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