Personal Narrative: My Expectations Of A Center Leader

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I have multiple expectations of the Center Leader course. Such as learning to propperly communicate, manage and lead a center to success while accomplishing the mission. I also expect to gain the basic knowlege needed for appropriate recruiting center operations. I understand that the Center Leader course is a course guided by instituional learning. How ever, I beleive that the knowledge gained from the persoanl expeiriences of my peers and the instructor will be just as valuable as the set curriculum. My expectations of this course are to Learn as well as understand the basic operations of a center. As Leaders We need to understand the basics in order to properly lead. I expect to Leave with a strong knowlege base to share with my recruiters. I need the knowledge to mold and guide recruiters to success.…show more content…
To many leaders have been allowed to coast through the ranks in the ARMY with out being challened. Allowing them to act like a leader but not truly lead. I do not want the easy answers, I want to learn the information. Any body can remember the answers to a question. As a leader I need to truly understand and be able to explain the question and answer to my subbordinates as well as my peers. We as leaders need to be the subject matter expert. In conclussion, My expectations of this class are high. I understand being perfect is not possible, But as a leader we should strive for perfection in our craft. Recruiters need to be motivated and ready to work. It takes a leader with the proper knowledge to provide that motivation and guidance. I believe the Center Leader course will give me the knowledge I need to lead a center and effect
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