Personal Narrative: My Experience After Flourishing High School

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After finishing High School, I felt like I had just accomplished a chapter in my life.
I was now moving on to college to pursue a bachelor 's degree in Criminal Justice. I would be attending Santa Monica College, starting fall of 2016. I decided to go to SMC to experience its culturally diverse environment. My first semester I had many obstacles; however, it was worth it because at the end I learned to not give up. An obstacle I overcame was getting classes. Since, I applied late to school due to not being able to decide which college would benefit me more I was behind with enrolling, for classes causing me to not be able to get classes. There were barely any classes left for me, but I eventually found the three classes I needed. Getting classes was difficult because it took me a week to finally get the classes I need. I would go online every five hours to check if there was a class available. The classes I got were Math 85, English 85, and Counseling 20. The most
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I had a struggle with transportation , since I didn’t know how to drive. My mom or one of my siblings would always drive me to school. I spent more time with my mom in the car which helped me have more time with her to talk. It was hard depending on others because I would have to wait for them to get ready. Part of the struggle has always agreed on whom would drop me off and if it would interfere with their schedule. I would wake up at six in the morning to get my books ready and eat. It took me two hours and thirty minutes to get to school because of the heavy traffic in the morning. Having someone drive me to school sometimes had its benefits, I didn’t have to worry about driving or traffic because I would be sitting in the passenger seat. Also, I would have time to study before a test while someone drove me to school. An advantage was parking, I didn’t have to pay or look for parking, since someone would drop me off. I eventually learned to drive, got my license, and started to drive to
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