Personal Narrative: My Experience After High School In Middle School

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In middle school, the graduating eighth grade class from my school attended Gradventure at Universal Studios. I had gone through three years of middle school and made a ton of friends. I was happy to be going to Universal for the first time ever with my best friends and favorite teachers. Of course, I had high hopes for the famous park – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Marvel’s Superhero Island and The Mummy – each stemmed from famous movies and books which left me excited. That day was a Friday. After school, all the students were to meet at the bus loop in our dull, light-green shirts with the letters “HCMS” written within the span of an eagle’s wings. Waiting for the whole eighth grade was the most anxious yet exciting part. Thinking of all the rides that would leave my hair wind-swept and my heart racing with adrenaline made me…show more content…
Seuss rides. Therefore, I rode One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and The Cat in the Hat consecutively with the Dr.Suess Trolly Train following right after. Eventually, I grew tired of the music, the colorful statues, and whimsical effects. Once the night reached 12 am, everyone began to gather near the gates leading out of Islands of Adventure. I vividly remember all of my friends and classmates sprawled out along the walls of the buildings. Everyone had grown weary and I, myself, grew hungry. For some strange reason, the employees kept us inside the park until exactly 12:00 am. This caused a mass exodus of young, tired, middle school students into Universal Citywalk and towards the parking lot. The bus ride back to school felt like a dream. We all sat at the front of the school with the red light of the cars’ brake light filling the air. When I saw my dad’s small, mint green car, I was relieved. He asked me, “How was it?” when I got in the car. I remember simply answering with “It was
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