Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Clinical Nurse

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1. Describe your earliest experience with an advanced practice nurse. Were you a patient, family member, employee, or exposed in another way? What was your initial impression of the professional role of this person? How has your initial impression shifted through experience and/or assignments in this course?
My earliest exposure with a nurse practitioner would have to be around 1995 when I needed to see my gynecology and was scheduled to see his nurse practitioner who had been with him for many years for my annual examination because he was called away for an emergent C-section. My initial impression was that she was stand in Dr’s assistant that did procedural things and screenings, shots and such as they came up. I did not get the feeling
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With this narrowing of practice they are limited in the settings that they can practice. The NP area of practice is not as narrowed and more diverse, than a CNS, with occupations such as family nurse practitioner (FNP) or nurse midwife (NM). Clinical NP care includes health promotion, disease prevention, health education, counseling, diagnosis and management of acute and chronic diseases (NCSBN, 2008). Both of the roles have value depending on the setting, such as rural verses urban, hospital vs outpatient, one may be of more value than the other. The NP role may more value to the general public un such areas such as public health and the CNS may have greater value in a healthcare environment or educational institution depending on their expertise. The roles can overlap depending on the work situation such as with CNS and NP working in the hospital environment on the floor. Both roles are minimally Masters educated, may prescribe medications, make diagnosis, and are certified in their specialty area (College of St. Scholastica,

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