Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Co-Worker

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Many of the patients I serve at FHZ are surprised when they learn that I live in South Tampa and drive each day to Zephyrhills to work. I tell them the truth, I love where I live and I love where I work and so I must drive. From the moment I started working at FHZ it has been a love affair for me. I enjoy each day as I park in the parking lot and head to clock in for work. My co-workers are the most precious, dedicated, experienced and compassionate set of professionals with whom I have ever worked. I am greeted every day by a warm smile, a hug and a friendly hello from maintenance, security, housekeeping, transporters, physicians and clinicians. It is like working at Cheers (the television show) where everyone knows your name. There is much to be said for that sense of belonging that cannot be quantitated.
It is this family and this community that has raised me up in my darkest hour. From my co-workers who have texted or called me to say that they are in my area and ask if there is a chore or shopping that they could do for
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I am 39 years old and I have a chronic health condition; diabetes. I have followed my physician’s advice and the information I have from my nursing practice to maintain a healthy lifestyle and try to manage this disease. Despite my best efforts and other possible underlying autoimmune disorders; I have developed a wound that continues to fester and grow unabated by wound care and medication intervention. And, it is unfortunate that this wound cannot be mediated by surgical intervention as it is contraindicated. And yet, it has educated me in the day to day experience of the population that FHZ services. I have experienced the gradual decline in my health status, the loss of independence and the despair of chronic pain. Should I recover, this is an invaluable lesson, one that will help me to provide the compassionate care that Florida Hospital stands for in its healing
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