Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Soccer Player

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I found it difficult to reflect on an achievement or experience that did not render any recognition. Every accomplishment that came to mind was either included in my resume or did not necessitate any appreciation. Then I began to think about all the activities I had been involved in where I felt I may have made a difference. It was not long before I recalled that one of my most appreciable achievements resulted in what appeared to be one of my most disappointing experiences.

Throughout my time as an athlete, I knew I was a more talented soccer play than what I was offered. The lack of opportunity I received in some cases could have significantly hindered my self-esteem and confidence and perhaps caused me to stop playing. Instead, I chose to continue my love for the game and my teammates, encouraging those around me so they could also make the most of their experience.

Throughout my three years on the junior varsity team, I did just that. I took on a role not only as a teammate, but also as a leader, a confidante, an advocate, and a mentor. I became more than merely a team captain, but a player and leader my team appreciated and respected. I especially took notice of how the freshman valued my importance, as I took them under my wing to alleviate their fright and nervousness of being the newest and youngest players.
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I can recall from my most recent season, I had a teammate come to me about gaining more playing time. Rather than notify the coach of her concern, I simply suggested to him that he should consider starting her in an upcoming game. This was not unusual or overstepping my role, as the coach routinely reached out to me for my ideas and opinions. I remained sympathetic to her wishes to remain confidential while simultaneously helping her earn what she
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