Personal Narrative: My Experience At Drug Court

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I attended Specialty Court on February 22, 2016 at 1:00 PM. When I arrived to drug court, I felt awkward in terms to not knowing what was going to happen within the courtroom. Upon drug court starting it was an entirely new to me. The judge first called two clients in drug court that were not able to attend. The judge then called a client from “the box.” I honestly did not know that “the box” was for clients of drug court that do not follow the rules. This can be anywhere to, not doing their UA’s, group meetings, job searching, failing a UA and much more. The first client out of “the box” had been none compliment with the rules of drug court. He was then asked by the judge to explain himself as to why he is in the box. The client got very hostile towards the judge along with the counseling staff that he works with. The client was lying to the judge about putting in applications for jobs, and attending his group meetings. The counseling staff were not…show more content…
The guy thought deeply about what he had done to get behind bars. He wrote a letter to the judge about the entire situation. This letter talked about, his belonging getting stolen so when he was last released, he had no clothing and money. The judge got upset with the counseling staff with letting this guy go without his stuff. It was amazing to know that the judge had the client’s best interest at heart. He did not want to let him get out of jail if he was just going to end up back in it within days. However, the judge let the client out of jail. An additional aspect I found very intriguing were the certificates and reading some client’s had done. Clients had received a certificate for achieving a higher level of drug court. Then, some client’s had to write up what they wanted to say when they entered a new phase. Or, one client had to speak as an apology for her previous blow up not only at the judge but, her counseling staff as

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