Personal Narrative: My Experience At Ice Hockey

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I heard my phone vibrate loudly from across the room. I lazily pulled myself off of the comfortable couch and ambled over to where my phone was. I unlocked my phone and saw that one of my best friends, Rachel, had texted me. The text read, “Hey do u wanna go rollerblading?”. Rachel had been playing hockey since third grade and she absolutely loved it. Because she loved it so much, she often invited me to go skating with her. I had no background in any form of ice skating or rollerblading, but because of going so frequently, I was not half bad for my standards. Actually, I had come to really enjoy skating. I told Rachel I could go, and we planned to meet at the rink at around two-thirty. Rachel and I met at Inline 309, our local roller…show more content…
I started out with lessons at Hatfield Ice, my local ice skating rink. These lessons helped a little, but since it was not a private lesson, I did not learn as much as I had hoped. In the meantime, I had started my freshman year at Lansdale Catholic High School (LC), where I had made so many new friends; some of which played for LC’s girl’s ice hockey team. They all wanted to me join, but I still wanted to get better before committing to a serious team. However, one of my best friends, Dyani, had her mom tell the team’s coach that I would be attending one of their practices - I was forced to go. Surprisingly, however, I was able to keep up with the other girls at the practice, even though they were all much better than me. When told to do a drill, I did my best and executed it fairly well. I did better than I had ever done at roller hockey. One aspect I thought made a difference for me from roller was the ice and the size of the rink. Hatfield Ice’s rinks were about twice the size of Inline 309’s. I had more room to skate, so I was not too nervous to hit the boards, and the ice really made me think more clearly. The smell and feeling of the cold was refreshing. I was also able to control myself more easily because the ice made me glide; I did not have to keep taking steps. Before the practice, I had told the girls on the team that I was not all that good, but after seeing me skate, they disagreed. This boosted my confidence, but I was still unsure of whether or not to join the
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