Personal Narrative: My Experience At Intergenerational Community Home

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For the past couple weeks I had the opportunity to volunteer at an Intergenerational Community Center of Lucille W. Gorham, in the south part of Greenville. I always had the passion for helping others, especially kids but my schedule seemed to always arise conflicts. However, I found time throughout my busy class and work schedule to volunteer and pursue my passion. Out of luck, I believe I picked the most welcoming place off the possible sites to volunteer. With high expectations of children 's after school care and safety, walking through the foot of the door, this center exceeded just that. The very first step inside, a wave of childhood memories relapsed. I felt so welcomed with the smiles that greeted me. From that point I knew I was at…show more content…
In addition to education, the center strived for health and wellness and community engagement. While volunteering, I did not have the opportunity to participate in anything other than interacting with the children during their education sessions. However, while interacting with the children I engaged in conversations that acknowledged me on the extra activities the center offered. Surprisingly, I did not expect the center to offer any such thing as health and wellness or community engagement. This is what exceeded my expectations. The children went on to explain that the center has an equip community nurturing garden that serves the importance of healthy eating and to uplift the idea that you do not need a huge area, you can start by visiting the one in your community. One of the boys mentioned how big his cabbage had grown since he planted. Others mentioned how they wanted a garden once they get their own house. Along with the conversation, one of the girls that sat next to me mentions that Saturday of that week the Delta Sigma Theta incorporation was coming to meet with all the girls and their friends. They even included that I should come along with them. While being intrigued in the conversation and their responses, I asked "well, what do expect to learn?", the girl replies with "well, the last time they came they talked to us about being girls and stuff" , another girl goes to mention "they told us how to treat each other and our families with

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