Personal Narrative: My Experience At Kingsborough Community College

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As Theodore Roosevelt said, "Nothing Worth Having Was Ever Achieved Without Effort" It is true that nothing comes easy and nothing is for free. My experience at college proves the truth of this quote. My experience as a freshman at Kingsborough Community College was very challenging. In the beginning, it was hard to adapt to the college environment which I had to give up on things I enjoyed, watching movies, hanging out with friends, sleeping 12 hours per day. I said to myself that I must get good grades and reach my goals. I had to fight myself and stay up late to study every day. I have never missed any assignments on any of my classes. This semester my goal is to get into the nursing program which is very competitive and requires very high grades. So far I am doing good in all my classes and I am happy that I did all of this as an…show more content…
I am so grateful for having all the professors I have today. My words cannot explain how thankful I am to my biology professor Navneet Kaur, English professor Rachel Ihara, and SD professor and my advisor George Hill. It was very hard for me to get through but because of my professors, I have accomplished my goals as a freshman. Especially George Hill, he has shown me the right direction from the first day when I came for registration. I am so glad that I have chosen to attend KCC because my dreams began here!
My advice to incoming students, take college serious! Do what is expected of you on time! Don’t delay studying! Always set goals and backups for your future! Study with your classmates together and test each other because if you teach each other you will master the lesson. When things get difficult don’t just give up, work for it and put all of your efforts! Remember that no one ever was born with a genius brain, we humans grow and learn each day! If you want to succeed you have to work for it! We all could be smart and wise only if we all were to try
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