Personal Narrative: My Experience At Methodist College

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Almost all students are afraid of lacking behind, or lose at the starting line. However, Methodist College is the place where you can learn ahead of others. Here, I received the best education and acquired favourable traits and skills for future.
In terms of providing a holistic learning experience, ranging from academics to whole-person development, Methodist College is an ideal platform where I can gain rudimentary knowledge on an array of aspects. Teachers who always have a strong bond with us helped us unleash our potential and pursue our dreams. Having reunions with students from other schools, I had a surprising observation – students in Methodist College trust and rely on our teachers so much! We respect our teachers in a sense that they love and care about us unconditionally. In addition, my classmates formed small learning groups after class, which I found the learning effect exuberant. We believed that all of us can secure a place in university under this fun-filled learning atmosphere.
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By holding student-oriented events like Variety Show and activities of different societies, students have a chance to equip themselves with critical thinking and communicating skills, and at the same time they become more responsible, creative and reliable. More than just organizing activities and leading our prefects as a Head Prefect, I have joined an exchange programme to Southeast University, Nanjing, to learn science and experience study life like a university student. Besides, teachers of Methodist College would provide us with a wealth of information as well as advice on career paths, hoping all of us could live our life to
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