Personal Narrative: My Experience At Neosho County Community College

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So far my first semester here at Neosho County Community College has been good. I have experienced lots of things these past six months. And there are lots of things the incoming freshman should know, but the three major things that I experienced were, procrastination, Grades and, dorm problems. I have faced those three problems a lot just in my first semester of college and those are also problems freshman all over the world face. Firstly, Procrastination is a problem I faced early in the year and I should not have. At first it did not affect me as much as I thought it would but now that the semester is almost over I am stressing over my grades. If I would have taken my time and not waited till the last minute to finish lots of my essays…show more content…
It was hard for me to do that for the first two months I would be missing lots of class due to all the soccer games we would travel to and not having lots of spare time for me to do homework since we would practice every day and that would take lots of time out of my day. Also my GPA is something I should have kept up with more I learned that it is better off to start off as a freshman with a high GPA and maintain it than to try to bring up a low GPA. Once I add more classes to my GPA average it will either go up or down in small increments. So it is better if I end first semester with a high GPA. Finally, I had to know when to say NO. I personally did not face that problem a lot because I do not drink alcohol and I honestly do not like to party. But there were points where I was tempted to do something, but I know I could, just because of the fact that I got in trouble with alcohol and my parents were to find out they would kill me. So now that I think about it all the times I would say NO. I am not here to party I am here to receive a better future, a future my parents did not have the chance to take and to play soccer those are the only things I should be focused
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