Personal Narrative: My Experience At Scaregrove

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The event I volunteer was at Scaregrove. I was helping out with the admission in the late evening shift. Scare grove is an annual event and is the most atmospheric Halloween event around, it is popular for older kids and teens for its frightening haunted house. There’s haunted house, jumpy house, live music and magic shows, carnivals rides and games throughout the wood, and crafts. Every year, this time around San Francisco Recreation & Parks have this Halloween event to celebrate this once a year holiday with the community. The admission area where I was helping out is the first place that everybody needs to go to pay in order to get in to the event. I assisted people in the line and making sure they pay before letting them in the event. I see a lot of family with their kids…show more content…
The coordinators seem stressed out because it was unorganized and they needed more help. There were a lot of people walking in and out from the entrance when they should let people exist on one side and have the other side of people that are trying to get into the event after paying. Later in the night, we had more park rangers help out by assisting the line which made the experience easier for people to exit and enter into the park. There were a lot of pay high school volunteers at the event. I feel like I was the only one that was in college. At first, I was nervous because I didn’t see anyone I know or any familiar faces from our class that was volunteering. But throughout the night I met these two volunteers and we work together throughout the night. They both don’t know each other, but had volunteered together at another event before. They both were really nice and friendly. They made my experience volunteering at the event fun and not boring. We help each other out and we also get to enjoy the event when we were on a
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