Personal Narrative: My Experience At Tawes Hall

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I did not realize what a personal impact it would make as I wandered my way into the basement of Tawes Hall. From my first day volunteering at the Capital News Service (CNS), the University of Maryland’s student-ran broadcast news channel, I could tell I was surrounded by some hardworking people that were very passionate about what they were doing. This charismatic crew made me feel at home with their sense of support and cooperation, which lead to an educational environment that I highly enjoyed being a part of. Throughout my experience at CNS, I tried my hands with many different roles. The first day I volunteered as a camera person. Coming in, I was extremely nervous picturing myself holding a camera the entire whole show. To my relief, working camera was a lot less hard than I dreamed. It was essentially me adjusting the frames from time to time, barely ever touching the camera. From working camera, I moved to teleprompter. I originally thought this would be much easier than working camera. Yet again, my assumptions were wrong. I never realized how much anchors depended on the teleprompter. It was a rather stressful job knowing that if I made a mistake, I would drag the anchors down with me.…show more content…
This had to be the most stressful role yet, because I had a lot more responsibility compared to previous jobs. I was in charge of rolling the correct footage at the right time and ensuring the footage was formatted correctly. Since the reason television is such a huge outlet for news is that the audience can visually see what’s happening, I felt a great responsibility to get the job done right. The popular saying “the medium is the message” which has been coined by many famous authors, really fueled my drive to learn more about television production. It’s extremely important to use the medium, which is television, to get content out to the audience that has the right message and
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