Personal Narrative: My Experience At The French Indian War

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I look down, I have a body, but why does it feel so peculiar. The last thing I remember is dying at the French & Indian war. I start walking, all I see are woods. I keep on walking for what feels like miles, until I find a colony. I start walking through the streets, there aren’t many people outside. I see this mother with her children. I remember of my wife Elizabeth and our two sons, Thomas & Alexander. I wonder if they’re still alive. They didn’t deserve any of this, they were so innocent. I need to forget them for now, they distract me from my goal. I need to kill the British, steal their lives like they stole mine. Steal every piece of hope they had to have a happy life. I need to find somebody to ask them what year it is, I run to many people but they don’t…show more content…
I got up and ran to the first person I found. I asked them “What year is it!?”, almost screaming. Startled he answered “ well 1765 of course sir.” I kept on walking getting many scared stares. I started getting worried then I remembered…. That boy he called me a soldier. I look down and I see a uniform. I started noticing many other men with the same uniform, just walking into colonists houses. I walked up to one of them and remembered how much I wanted to rip his heart out. I simply just asked what he was doing.” Go find yourself a home this one is full already” I decided to go back to the house where the little boy saw me. When I got there, I walked to the door and knocked. The woman opened it very slowly, I noticed how she flinched as soon as she saw the uniform. I walked in, I wondered why I had the right to barge in into this woman’s home. She kept on staring at me so strangely, I decided to ask her why I had the right. She answered it’s all part of The Quartering Act of 1765, it’s the duty of the colonists to feed and shelter the soldiers. The woman fed me, and she excused herself. I sat down and wondered if all the soldiers were still in a house. I walked out of the house as quickly as
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