Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Rotaract Club

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This past year, I have been involved in various volunteer groups such as Indian Student Association, Pre-Dental club, and Rotaract club. These clubs have given me the opportunity to explore my interest, demonstrate my leadership abilities, and give back to my community. Recently, I was persuaded to join Indian Student Association (ISA) by my friends; the first thing that I volunteered to participate in was the India Night dance. I had never participated in a dance group before, so it was a new experience for me. While in the club, I was taught different dance moves for the songs that we were performing. Once I perfected the dance steps, I would teach some of the other students that needed aid. This experience allowed me to try something new, help other students out, and practice my leadership skills by effectively communicating to the other students and showing them different methods for memorizing the dance steps. This academic year, I have also been an active member of the Pre-Dental club since it pertains to my career path of becoming a future orthodontist. Recently, I volunteered at Tate Woods Elementary School with several other members and taught second graders the importance of dental hygiene. This…show more content…
Throughout my years, I have always shown an interest in volunteering and building my community. This club allowed me to do that. I volunteered at the Naperville Festival and at Feed My Starving Children. Volunteering at the Naperville Festival allowed me to work on my communication skills because I help patrons buy tickets. This experience also showed me other events that Naperville offers. My favorite event that I participated in from this club this year was the Feed My Starving Children events. This was particularly fun for me because I had never packaged food before so it was a fun experience. Also, people of all different backgrounds and professions came together to achieve one common goal: helping others in
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