Personal Narrative: My Experience For Band Trumpet

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On October 27, 2014, I had braces on my two front teeth. They needed to be straightened up.

A week later, my music teacher brought all my classmates to the band room when I was 5th grade. I was excited as a firework blasting of to space. When we went there, the whole class tried to visualize what will be in the gigantic room. Once the music teacher opened the door the whole class looked inside the room. The director of the band was Mr.Lindwell. When he welcomed us to the room my gun powder and sulfur inside me. I was about to burst.

I was jumpy to see all these instruments. After we looked at the very astonishing musical instruments, Mr.Lindwell announced that he needed trumpet players. I wasn’t really excited. So tried out the trumpet.
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I was good in the recorder but I wanted to try out.

When I started the band director gave me this book from the heavens called “Essential Elements For Band Trumpet”. So I started out trying the first note, G. So when I tried my the note, the valves on my trumpet were buttery. It felt very ruffled. So Mr. Lindwell oiled my valves and showed me how to oil the valves. When I tried again, it felt crisp, and brand-new. Crispier than a potato chip. So I practiced my C’s and G’s. They were not too difficult because you don’t have to press anything. Then there’s the notes between C and G. Not too difficult.

Most of the time my braces bothered me to buzz on the mouthpiece. Sometimes I get blisters. I still can’t stop playing on the trumpet. I had to try hard to play the trumpet even though my braces tried to stop
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I was like “no don’t do that I was about to do this and do that.” And my mom’s like “were making a living there,” in Filipino.

Once I heard about the news, I didn’t want to leave the Philippines because I made friends since 2012. I knew I was going to make friends there, but I still wanted to stay here. And the trumpet. The trumpet is what interests me the most.

Few days more before we left for Hawaii, I started to try my hardest on the trumpet and did some playing tests with the band director. I knew they were difficult, but I wasn’t a rock.

One day before we left, I said goodbye to all my friends I knew and the teachers too. I remember Sir Ronnie, my advisory teacher and math teacher, saying to be good and try your best there. Mr. Lindwell said good luck to me. After the dismissal bell rang, I went back home and packed up my stuff before leaving the Philippines. I knew that I was about a “OK” time.

The airplane landed on Honolulu and I left the airport. My uncle picked my family up and when straight to their house to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is now over. That means we went to my father’s apartment in Waipahu to live there, briefly. We put all the furniture in and he couch was heavy as a boulder. Overall, the apartment was
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