Personal Narrative: My Experience In A Military Team

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At one point, my life was just like anybody else’s, normal. That all changed when I enlisted in the the United States Marines. The following months that past resulted with finding myself in Baku, Azerbaijan. I had been assigned to Beta Squad consisting of myself and three others. (Ruiz, Victor, and Baez) Our mission was to collect some “intel” on the Chinese and the Russians, because there was a military coup (a coup is a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government) going on in China. The U.S. feared that the Russians would join sides with the Chinese and needed intel to prove it so they could prevent it. We were able to complete the objective and escape the city. Like I said, the objective was to collect vital intelligence. Seemed…show more content…
I become unconscious on impact. When I awoke, I quickly assessed the situation and checked on the rest of the squad. Ruiz, Victor, Baez and myself were fine. We all knew we needed to get out of the car and swim up before we drowned to death, but the seat that trapped Ruiz wouldn’t budge. Victor: “You’re stuck Sergeant” with the tone of worry in his voice. He tried to help free Ruiz, but didn’t succeed. I naturally started to panic realizing we were trapped in a sink car. Ruiz: “The worst thing we can do in a situation like this is panic” wincing in pain. Victor was resentful of Ruiz’s comment claiming Victor: “You talk like that, man you scare the crap out of me.” This led it Victor asking Baez for assistance in helping Ruiz, because he didn’t want to leave him behind. Victor: “We’ll get you outta here, Ruiz. You hear me?” Ruiz didn’t doubt the squad’s ability to get him out of there, but under the circumstances there was no time for that. Baez: “How man? The doors are stuck shut. The pressure is too strong.” The car
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