Personal Narrative: My Experience In Athletic Training

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I had the amazing opportunity to work in the football training room with Jonathan Millwee. This was a great experience for me because I was able to see how the trainers act in their environment. I was also able to work with the athletes. When I first got into the training room I thought that I was just going to be observing, but Jonathan let me get my “hands dirty” the first day I was in the training room. I was able to do rehabs, ice the athletes, assign rehab plans, tape the athletes, stretch the athletes, feel injures (such as a ACL tear), and many other things. I also got the chance to meet a lot of the coaches and build good relationships with the athletes. I was able to go to baseball games, lacrosse games, the spring football game, and…show more content…
There were some things that I knew how to do, such as taping an ankle and making ice pack, but the trainers also taught me different wraps and taping just that I never knew. The trainers were glad to teach me what I wanted and needed to learn. I felt as if I was actually apart of the athletic training staff. My responsibilities did not contrast very much with the actual trainers. I could not evaluate the athlete right as they were injured and I did not have the final word on what the actual injury was after I evaluated the athlete. For the most part the athletic trainers let me do what ever they needed help with. The trainers definitely supplied me with everything that I needed, from tape, to rehab equipment, and even the clothes I needed to wear. The athletic trainers also supervised very well. They did not let me evaluate athletes, as I stated earlier, which is very smart on their part because if I do something wrong, their jobs would be on the line. I think this experience gave me a more confidence about what I want to do with my life. I know for sure that I want to be an athletic trainer for a high school. I want to be in a high school because I feel as if The Lord is calling me to be around the youth and be a positive influence on them. I also plan on being involved in a youth group in a local church. I would recommend the football training room to anyone even thinking about wanting to become an athletic trainer. Overall, I
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