Yoongi's Home-Personal Narrative

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I swear Yoongi is such a grandpa! How can it possibly take him half an hour to walk across campus? I tap my foot on the ground impatiently as the last few remaining high schoolers walk past me, eager to start off their weekend. A gust of cold wind disturbs the peaceful environment, and my gaze anxiously darts between my phone and the front doors of the main school building. The second I finally turn to leave, I hear a familiar voice from behind me. “About to leave me, were you? After all the crap I’ve dealt with for you these past few years? Harsh,” Yoongi drawls. Choosing to ignore his comment, I roll my eyes and ask, “What the hell took you so long? Everyone else left already, even Hoseok! You know how he usually waits for you with me.” Together we cross the busy street and head in the direction of our neighborhood.…show more content…
“Well if you really need to know, I dozed off in math again and Mrs. Wedlow decided that she needed to lecture me about it. Honestly, she’s the one who’s letting kids fall asleep in her class, so shouldn’t she be the one getting lectured?” “Dude. You’ve fallen asleep in every class this year and we’ve been in high school for two months. I don’t think you can really blame the teacher for your terrible sleeping pattern,” I laugh as I recall the multitude of lectures he’s received from his teachers. “You’ve been this way since the beginning of middle school and honestly, I think you might wanna start doing something about
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