Personal Narrative: My Experience In Michigan

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It was a hot summer day in August when Anthony, and I woke up to prepare for our adventure in Michigan. We packed our bags because we knew we had a long day ahead of us; a three-hour road trip. As we finish packing, we realize that we needed a few things to eat, so we stopped by Cermak to get some fruit for later. We bought bright-red strawberries, a nice small cantaloupe, and a medium light green watermelon. We put the bags in the trunk and start heading toward the highway. The car’s AC was not working so while driving on the highway the sweat on our foreheads is being dried off as soon as the sweat begins to form. We stop in Indiana to put gasoline and to get something to eat. We were halfway there at that time. On our way to Michigan, Anthony and I would take turns selecting a song to listen to and sing our hearts out.…show more content…
After a long, yet beautiful three hours, we arrive at the recreational area where it is full of tall, bright green trees, the birds chirping, and you see people riding around on their bikes along the road. As we drive up to our camping site, we decide to go to Eagle Lake to go for a nice swim after those hot and sweaty three hours. We pull up to the lake and notice that it has a slightly different landscape than Lake Michigan due to all the trees surrounding the area. It was a beautiful landscape. It starts off with nice green grass, then it goes to nice brown sand and feels so soft on your feet. You set one foot inside of the water, and you immediately regret it since it seems cold at first, you sense the chills bolt down your spine and see your goose bumps activate. You keep going since it’s scorching hot and you want to cool down. Once you get inside of the water, you can feel your body start to relax and adapt to the
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