Personal Narrative: My Experience In Middle School

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Many things happen in the three years of our lives spent in middle school. Organized sports, new trends, and new groups of people are some of the things that go on during the dreaded middle school years. But my years of fun have been tainted by bullying. My so-called-friends were the ones that ruined my experience.
My “friends” start up a quick joke but overtime people around school start using it against me. The first day of school and substitute teachers were my least favorite days. Whenever the new teacher or sub would call role, everyone would wait until my name was called so they can whoop and holler when the teacher says my name wrong. It still happens to this day but now that my peers are more mature and I know how to play it off therefore it does not affect me as much. But I can always count on my best friend Malachi. Since the first day we met, he was the only one who did not give in to the foolishness. While I was being heavily tormented of my name, he was the only one that would try and stop this monkey business from happening.
A year later the name calling stopped and I started a new year with no problems. Later that year, I broke my wrist while learning how to long board. When I came
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Personally, I wasn 't in the best runner or the strongest person. The summer of seventh grade I made with a change. I made a promise to myself that I would get into shape and be in the best physical shape that I could be. So that summer I ran until my mile time was 6:15. The hot summer air was a dry as the dessert as I ran around the track at Riley Field. Malachi helped me extremely during the summer and made the process a lot smoother. When he wasn’t running next to me, he was motivating to keep going and not stop. Although there were times I wanted to fight him, he knew what was best for me and made sure I achieved it. In my darkest days he was the one to pull me out of my
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