Personal Narrative: My Experience In My Literacy Life

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As we know there has always got to be story behind something, as for me this is my unique story about how I became who I am in literature, one chapter at a time. This story is unique just like a book, there are many chapters that add together to make up what I know about literature and what kind of writer I may or may not be. This can be said for anyone else, but the difference is that my story will have very different information about what I had encountered in my literacy life. My literacy life starts with the average joe shmoe story about my first book, then it ends with where I am today and what I know. My adventure in literature isn’t over, not by a long shot, but I’m eager to see where literature takes me good or bad.
My story starts with a young 5 year old kindergartner who had no understanding of what the strange world of what letters and words meant. I would say I was an average student who gained the knowledge of what we were being taught, I got all of the alphabet with ease. When we finished with the alphabet my teacher picked out a
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My freshman year I had no clue what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to have a swell time with all my fellow classmates. Not only did I like my classmates, my 9th grade Honors English teacher Mrs. Lightner made my freshman year a blast. She had a teaching style that seemed to click for me and I couldn’t have asked for anything else more, because for me a teacher who has a teaching style that makes sense that’s a blessing. As for my following year in 10th grade Honors English, my teacher Ms. Howey was introducing me to a whole new style of literature. The new style was, understanding the finer details that I would usually gloss over when I read. She instilled in me that there is more meaning in a word than its text book definition. That alone blew my mind, in the fact that I now could comprehend writing on a whole new

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