Personal Narrative: My Experience Of A Basketball Game

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It was game day today. My teammates and I had a game against our rivalry high school Alta and we were pumped because we have beaten them every year since 2014. This year felt like we would keep that streak up and in motion. They had 6 really tall players while we only had 2. It made us all nervous for a while until we seemed to get over it. There was not a season where we lost against them and today certainly would not be that day. Class finished and the clock read 3, our game started at 5:30. The air felt with tense emotion and quietness filled the room. We all gathered up, had a briefing moment, and then headed out to the court. It showed 30 minutes on the shot clock and that was how much time we had on to warm up before game time. We …show more content…

It was then my body felt a relief. The score was now 55-35 and 8 more minutes to play. The quarter started and there I was in the game feeling ready to dominate. I rebounded like no other this quarter and my coach and was happily yelling from the sideline. I felt proud of myself and kept doing what I do best, play basketball. It was 3 minutes left in the game and we were now down by five points. Our opponents had the ball and they missed their shot. So now it is ours and we are running down the court. I key of the court and the ball is being thrown towards me, I react quickly and grab the ball and score two points. Now we are down by 3. There is 1 minute left to play and we have the ball in hand. I quickly move out of my zone and the coach is really confused because I don’t shoot from the 3 point line. That was just an underestimate of where I was able to shoot out. My teammate hands me the ball and I have 30 seconds left to shoot. I stall for about 10 seconds then I stop and shoot. As the ball is released from my hand I hear nothing but silence. We are all staring at the ball nervous of how this will turn out. The ball hits the backboard and goes straight in

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