Personal Narrative: My Experience Of A Child In My School

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I used to be an unhappy child, I thought so. My parents were divorced when I was only a little child. Both of them went to seek a new love, so I stayed with my grandmother. When I was a 6th grade student, I am pretty stubborn and mischievous. I rarely obeyed the school rules and making waves was what I enjoyed. For example, I always picked a fight with anybody I hate, cut class or had my hair dyed. At break time, I usually played soccer in my classroom because my schoolyard was so tiny, which was not allowed in my school. Even during the Tet holidays, my bag was always full of illegal firecrackers and threw them at any large crowd of students I saw while using them was being banned in my city. Many old teachers in my school always flew off the handle when parents of my friends complained them what I treated with their children. The principal threatened to expel me from school many times, but this seemed meaningless to me. Day by day, I became an ‘abnormal’ child in my school, who everyone was afraid of. None of the students continued talking when catching sight of me by chance. In classes, the teachers often let me do whatever I wanted such as reading comic books or sleeping on condition that I didn’t make trouble for them. However, at last, what must be must be… One day, while I was dozing off in History class, a strange woman came in suddenly then required me to stand and get out there. She was very young. I thought she was about 20 years old. Being awoken from my
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