Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Children In Memphis

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When I was seven years old my mother and I moved from Toluca Lake, CA to Memphis, TN. In California I attended a school where I was the only African American student. However, when I started school in Memphis, I was excited to see that all the students were African American like me. I quickly learned that children in Memphis can be very cruel. Although we all were the same race, I was still discriminated against. When a person from the east coast moves to the south they tend to sound different to each other. The children would say that I sounded like a white girl due to the fact that I spoke proper English. I would think, “I’ll sound like country, can’t talk right fools!” I would never say something that mean to anyone. My mother instilled in me a high moral fiber. She taught me to have respect for my elders, to do onto others as i would want them to do onto me, to not discriminate against anyone no matter what. With me following these three simple rules i quickly…show more content…
In California all year long there were only two temperatures, hot in the day and cool at night. So my first winter in Memphis was very exciting for me. This was the first time I had ever seen snow. I remember like it was yesterday I woke up that morning so excited thinking, “Wow I can 't wait to go outside and play with the falling clouds!” Not knowing what I know now Iran outside in my nightgown and house shoes. My mother saw allowed me to do this just so I could really learn what snow really was, cold and wet. She thought it would be funny to lock the storm door and watch my realization unfold before her eyes. When I touched what I thought was the falling clouds, I quickly felt that it was cold and wet. From that day forward I began my dislike for snow. AS for my mother she let me in a short while later after I came to the door because I was now cold and
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