Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Moving To Missouri

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When I Moved to Missouri Moving. It’s an experience of shifting from somewhere you love (or where you don’t) and going to unknown lands. Beyond this stage of a completely new experience, you will find happiness in undiscovered forms in undiscovered places. Places you never thought you would like, turn out to be places you love. When there is a new opportunity, you try to ignore it, but wind up exploring it to no extent. This is my story if moving from Lake in the Hills, Illinois, to Desoto, Missouri. I was born in Illinois and I thought that I would stay there. I lived there for about five years, and it was awesome. Then my parents broke the news to me that we were moving! Then, I basically went to my room and cried my eyes out for an hour and a half. However, my birthday party was coming up, so we prepared for that and had an enormous going away/birthday party and it was amazing. The next day, I had to go to my room and pack up all of my belongings. Then, we got ready to move.…show more content…
But when we finally got there, the house was almost worth the trip and the moving away from my beloved abode that I was born and raised in! Come to think of it, I was pretty ticked off about moving, but what had to be done, had to be done. Eventually after about a month, I got used to life in Missouri. Then it was time for the first day at a new
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