Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Moving To San Tan Valley

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I am talking about my moving day. I was moving from mesa to San Tan Valley, it was a very long and boring day for me. The only thing is that I was just 13 at the time; it was a very difficult move because my family and I needed to put stuff in the U-Haul. We also took a long time because my mom and dad needed to go to work and I am required to go to school and study, this move was on October 25, 2013, it was a really sad day. Not only because of the move it was because I have friends that I still talk to today but it is harder to go over and play sports or video games, my other problem is that you have to remember your home you were in for four years.

Well this is my day moving big boxes very annoying, but at least my family is having fun wild doing it. We are all talking and bonding it is very interesting hearing my dad talk about his cool adventures when he travels. Then we took a trip to the new house. Then we started unloading the boxes and organizing the spoons and forks. But then I was in charge of putting up the plates even though I didn’t want to because I was happy was I lived.
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Then my grandparents took me to eat at taco bell and I told myself, I want to be an owner of a taco bell. But I wonder how successful I am going to be later on in the future. After I was done eating we went back to the old house and you were so sad to see the house empty. But then you started loaded heavy appliance’s
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